"When I come across a photo of myself that I genuinely like, it's usually a quick moment captured without much thought. I have trouble standing and smiling for photos - someone has to make me laugh for the smile to be real. For group photos, when everyone else is usually ready and posing, I am typically there with a slight smile or look bored. I think in some way, this is a subconscious effort of expressing that I am my own person and dislike posing when someone tells me to do so. It correlates to my small demonstrations of rebellion being a female in this society and also being Asian American and what people tend to expect of me. I want to be myself, whatever self I am feeling in that moment. I can be warm and inviting or other times cold, disinterested, and a lot of the time in my head. I have grown to be comfortable with who I am and have found the style and interests that make me happy. If a photo is able to capture at least one aspect of me in that way, I am drawn to it. I am in between fads and I am content with that."