"When I see photograph of myself that I like, it’s usually because there’s something about it that appears very natural, or like some part of my “authentic" self (as ambiguous as that is) is being captured. I really hate photos that seem overly contrived or like I’m trying to be a certain person other than myself. In terms of how I want to be portrayed, I found this to be a surprisingly difficult question to answer and I realized it’s because no one’s ever asked me this before. Whenever I’ve been photographed in the past, I’ve always been sort of told how to look or act in front of the camera based on how the photographer wanted me to appear (whether it was a professional or just my mom telling me to smile more in a family photo.) I feel like this probably says a lot about how I go about living my day-to-day life and that I need to start asking myself how I want to portrayed rather than letting other people do this for me."