The day before our shoot my therapist said to me casually, "when you wear your cap it completely transforms you." Which I thought was such a funny thing to say because a. of course it does, and b. I thought it would be obvious to my therapist, who I've been talking to about my nonbinary trans life for almost a year, that I "transform" myself on purpose. So I've been thinking about the ways people perceive my queer, trans, Asian body depending on something as simple as whether or not I'm wearing a hat. 


As a queer, trans, Asian person with ambitions to have a career in the public eye, I am obsessed with the way people perceive me, with curating an image of myself for people to consume. We chose the color scheme based on a portrait I saw of fashion designer Aiden Euan for The Fader, a magazine I'd love to be in someday. I'm all about dreaming myself into reality.