"Genuine. The pictures I love the most of myself are the ones that feel genuine. Pretty candids are always welcome of course (who doesn't want to look pretty? Teehee), but if I'm looking at the camera I want it to feel real. More importantly, I want to remember really feeling that emotion when the picture was taken. If I'm smiling, I want to look and have felt truly happy. If I'm goofy, I want to look fully goofy and remember how much fun I had when I was taking the photo. For example, I love this picture of me from adult summer camp. It's not necessarily that pretty, but I'm laughing while holding hands with my friend and going down a slip and slide. Not only does the photo look genuinely happy, I remember feeling genuinely happy when the picture was taken. In that way, nostalgia plays a big role. Aesthetically, I would describe my general vibe as cute and goofy (the blue dress is my favorite dress bc it fits well and makes me feel like Cinderella). Lately though, I'm trying to tell myself that it's OK to be a little more sexy. Thanks to the girls (my boobs haha), I feel like my body is inherently sexier in a way that's not desirable in the modest Chinese attitude I was raised, so I've always felt out of place in the traditional East Asian aesthetic. Growing up in NH (not really known for its diversity), I also felt out of place in the Caucasian-heavy western aesthetic. I'm learning now that it doesn't freaking matter. And it shouldn't freaking matter. I'm just me. I like being cute and goofy the most, but from time to time, I also want to be okay with being sexy. I've been experimenting with more styles (I.e. The Sandy-from-Grease-esque black top). It's pretty easy to look it, but I'm working on the being okay with it part. Even being confident with it, maybe. One day at a time."