"In the past, I've hid behind being somewhat racially ambiguous. Whether it was my mannerisms, way I dressed, the things I liked - I always shied away from being TOO Chinese and took pride in being ~ not as Asian ~ . I'm 3rd generation American-born Chinese and only recently I'm learning to have pride in my background! I still struggle with feeling disconnected from my culture but starting to own it in small ways. Baby steps, you know? I'm really happy that I made the decision to wear my mother's cheongsam for the photoshoot, reinterpreting it my own way and wearing it with my own attitude. I love the contrast between the elegant cheongsam and my dirty vans - it's an accurate representation of my current identity and style. I haven't been creating much work lately, but I'm planning to do so soon. I've avoided making work that was vulnerable and talked about my identity, but I'm excited to explore those themes and get out of my comfort zone."